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In the following videos we are going to explain what square numbers are, what they can be used for and to do when you run into them. In video 1 we will explain what a square number is and are gonna give you the most important square numbers to remember. In video 2 we will be discussing how squaring fits into the order of operations. Video 3 will be on how to deal with the square of a negative number. To calculate the square of a large number or a decimal number we will teach you a handy way of calculating these kinds of square numbers. And eventually in video 5 we will discuss the use of a calculator when dealing with square numbers.

  • video 1: The square of a positive number
  • video 2: Squaring & the order of operations
  • video 3: The square of a negative number
  • video 4: A handy way to calculate squares
  • video 5: Squaring & the use of a calculator
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